Poole's Premier Pet Care Service
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Terms and Conditions

1. The client must sign a registration form, this has two purposes:

a)hto confirm all of the details regarding the booking,
b)f to act as proof that the pets are in the care of Poole's Premier Pets.

2. The client will provide all necessary food and items, such as bedding and toys,
to ensure the pet(s) is well provided for in their absence. Should the pet
require additional supplies these will be purchased and added to your bill.

3. The client must inform us of their pet(s) medical history and of any medication or special requirements that the pet has.

4. The client is responsible for all veterinary bills, however incurred, while the pet is in the care of Poole's Premier Pets.

5. All cats and dogs must be vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas.

6. The client must inform Poole's Premier Pets of any change or extension in booking dates to avoid any inconvenience.

7. Poole's Premier Pets may request a small deposit for some bookings (this will be deducted from your bill).

8. The client must provide Poole's Premier Pets with an emergency contact number.

9. The client must phone Poole's Premier Pets as soon as they return home otherwise we will continue to visit your pets until the client has confirmed that the pet(s) are now
back in their care.

10. We have very high standards and make every effort to ensure your pet is well cared for during your absence, however we cannot be liable for any loss, injury or death.